Happy New Year

& Insurrection Anniversary

There are a number of commemorative events for Thursday. There’s (some) evidence that Merrick Garland remembers what happened, although he hasn’t yet accomplished much. Neither, honestly, has the House 1/6 Committee, beyond rehabilitating the Cheney Family reputation, something I would not have thought possible. Maybe the various contempt trials and other belated indictments will happen before the election. Maybe not.

Indivisible Marin has a virtual Hour of Action from 5:00–6:00 pm. Barbara Lee is doing a Facebook event (no FB account required) from 5:30–7:00.

Also of interest: the 2021 Sister District report.

Our first meeting will be Sunday, January 16, 4:00 pm, usual place. Bring friends. I will go over the California and national election scene, although (unlike some) I think that what happens with Covid and the economy between now and November will matter a lot. [UPDATE: In view of omicron, we will also offer a Zoom link for this week. Request the link by email.]

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