Minutes for August 22, 2021 meeting

Virginia: Recent polls show the top of the ticket Democrats 6 to 8 points ahead, consistent with the results of recent cycles. I ordered more postcards without the slick (address side) front.

California: Extensive discussion of stop-the-recall strategy. Also, whether to vote for a replacement on Part Two of the ballot. No consensus.

We have been having trouble finding addresses for postcard writing. I received 25 addresses to be targeted in Spanish from Activate America (formerly Flip the West). I also asked for 100 regular (English), didn’t yet receive. However, since yesterday’s meeting, Tony the Democrat has added the Newsom Recall. (It’s still not on his postcardstovoters website. Keeping websites up to date is hard.)

Tony’s instructions to get No on Recall addresses:

Postcard postage goes up to 40¢ on the 30th, but stamps that just say “Postcard”, like the barns and the fish, remain valid for the full value, whatever it is.

The official Democratic campaign has gone up on the air, but we notice an absence of yard signs. Indivisible Northridge has recall swag, including yard signs, here. You can always make your own, too! Thanks to Bruce for the link.

The major decision from the meeting is that Indivisible Elmwood is going on a Field Trip to Get Out the No Vote. Join us at Fruitvale Bart on Sunday, August 29, 2:00pm to 4:00pm. We will have flyers, a blown-up ballot showing how to vote No, and a good time. There is parking at the station if you want to drive.

I wanted to put an Apple Calendar file here, but WordPress doesn’t support it. Remember, you can subscribe to the Indivisible Elmwood calendar with this webcal link. Your calendar program, Apple or otherwise, should know what to do with it.

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