It’s action time around the GOP recall

Indivisible groups around California are taking action to get out the NO vote in the recall election, following polls showing a real risk of Newsom falling below the 50+% vote he needs  to stay in office.   Newsom has accomplished a lot as governor, and whatever his shortcomings, the alternatives on the GOP side are scary: a Trump-supported right-winger like Larry Elder could replace him with as little as 20% of the vote!  Your ballot and the ballot of everyone you know saying “NO” TO RECALL on question 1 will be critical.

Other Actions to Support Governor Newsom & Stop the Recall:

Part 1: Actions

Write postcards, send text messages, or phone bank with other Indivisible groups. Northridge Indivisible has a website with extensive resources and links to action centers at  Indivisible SF has voting information and links at their site:

Check in with the CA Democratic Party–CADEM for phone banking and canvassing opportunities. New actions are being added every day.

Use your social media to show your support with these ready -made social media posts for Facebook and Twitter.

If you are a Spanish speaker or know someone that is a Spanish speaker you are in high demand!  Sign up here to textbank with Voto Latino!

Part 2: Voting Options:

Return your ballot by mail. It must be postmarked no later than September 14 and received no later than 7 days following Election Day. Complete the ballot using a blue or black pen. No postage is required. Sign and date the envelope. Make sure your group numbers (on the ballot and on the envelope) match. If they do not call 800-815-2666 select option 2.

Drop Box –  to locate a drop box closest to you, go to

Bring your ballot to an early polling location or vote early in person.

Vote in person on Election Day or turn your ballot in at your polling place.

2 thoughts on “It’s action time around the GOP recall

  1. I have 50 postcards and addresses plus a script from Women’s March. I have done about 20 so far, but am not sure if I’ll be able to do all 50. If anyone would like some of my cards and addresses, please contact me.


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