We win Georgia x 2

I doubt any of you are waiting for Indivisible Elmwood to make its declaration, but we have flipped both Senate seats in Georgia. Senator Raphael Warnock. Senator Jon Ossoff. Not entirely how I expected the Democrats to regain control of the Senate! Al Gross didn’t come close and the insipid Cal Cunningham made the always-fatal mistake of cheating on his mistress.

We sent a great deal of money, postcards, letters, texts, and phone calls to help make this happen. The margins are close. Every act helped. Sometimes you get the miracle.

2 thoughts on “We win Georgia x 2

  1. Hope you and your family had a welcomed rest and fun time…….

    I am still a bit on “pins and needles”…….. until HE stops his shenanigans……and also about the vaccine.

    I am the “in house worry wart!”



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