The election in Georgia

Trump supporters are asking online why no one is talking about the fraud that Georgia has only 3.7 million residents, how can it have so many votes. They Googled and got the population of the country of Georgia.

Some of you have asked what the next steps will be for the Georgia runoffs. I can say: I don’t know. Money will flood in on both sides, including our money. I will try to find out how best to support whatever Stacey Abrams is doing, because she is clearly the magician behind Biden’s win in the state. And of course, we can donate directly to the candidates up to the legal limit. We are also researching what volunteer activities we can join.

It’s very clear that Ossoff and Warnock will be campaigning as a team. I like that. I am also encouraged by Trump dragging out his concession, because I think it puts the Republican candidates in a bind. They can’t repudiate Trump’s truly delusional claims, but their support of a clearly-doomed crusade is unlikely to inspire Trump voters who at least understand the outcome of the Presidential race.

3 thoughts on “The election in Georgia

  1. Vote Forward is planning a letter writing campaign for the runoffs. They just haven’t announced yet. Tony the Democrat will probably have post card addresses, too.

    Is TJ Cox in a runoff?


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