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I am in the process of changing the donations page to six House races that didn’t look competitive until recently. These are all uphill races, but they are possible in a landslide. We really are building a Blue Wave. These are races where I am worried the Democrat needs more money, but on just that criterion I could have picked four times as many. I restricted myself to a list of the most reprehensible Republicans.

CO-03 (Diane Mitsch Busch over Lauren Boebert) Boebert is the Q-Anon nut who loves her Second Amendment and hates her mask. She might quit Congress when Nancy Pelosi tells her that guns are prohibited and masks are required on the House floor, but better not to send her in the first place.

NY-01 (Nancy Goroff over Lee Zeldin) Zeldin yields to no one in Islamophobia and connection to Israel’s right-wing. Time to put an end to bigotry.

OH-01 (Kate Schroder over Steve Chabot) Chabot has been a mediocrity even by GOP Standards (anti-evolution, anti-climate change, fanatical on abortion), but COVID–19 has truly given him an opportunity to come into his own, fulminating against China all the way into summer instead of doing anything here to stop it.

SC-02 (Adair Ford Boroughs over Joe Wilson) You remember Joe Wilson, right? He is the man who yelled “You lie!” at President Obama, back when the GOP was cool with disrespecting the President. Need I say more?

TX-02 (Sima Ladjevardian over Dan Crenshaw) Crenshaw got off to a promising start with a feel-good Saturday Night Live appearance, but since then he has gone Full Trump. There is often an undertone of violence towards Dems in his recent statements. Let’s help him get a new career as Fox TV Action Hero.

VA-05 (Cameron Webb over Bob Good) Good is bad. He upset the Republican incumbent in the primary with a message that a Republican Representative should lose because he officiated a gay wedding. Because of covid, he was able win a drive-by convention instead of a full primary. His opponent is an M.D. Has this district absorbed enough D.C. exurbanites to flip?

2 thoughts on “New recipients

  1. Andy, Most of these look like long shots according to the polls I’ve just glanced at. Can you say which we have the best chance of winning? Also, what’s your current take on whether it’s worth contributing any more to any of the toss-up Senate races.


    • First tier in likelihood, near toss-up: Schroder and Webb (Webb’s opponent just added a financial conflict issue to an already bad campaign).
      Second tier, lean to likely R: Goroff and Mitsch Busch.
      Third tier, works in a true Wave: Boroghs and Lajavardian.

      Similarly with the Senate, I think the close races have cash; we will know a little better after the next Cash on Hand reports come in. I’ve started giving to the longer shots like Espy (MS). I’ve also given to Jordan (ID) and Swearingen (WV), but that should be seen as non-tax-deductible charity.


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