Minutes from Sept 27

Check out the thermometer! We have blown past $35,000.

Two Action Items

  1. We have been asked to write postcards for Julie Oliver (TX-25). She was coincidentally added to the Red to Blue list today, which means the DCCC has quietly done polling showing a meaningful chance of the upset. We have a very few names left; get them while you still can. We still have addresses. Email Naomi if you want some (25 minimum).
  2. Download the Vote Joe app on your smartphone and you can use it to text contacts in swing states, find out which friends (?!?) are still not registered to vote and much more. Victory2020 offers trainings for the app every day lots of other great activities listed there as well: https://www.mobilize.us/2020victory/

My presentation. The key takeaways are largely unchanged: Biden is winning the legitimate election. Even before the tax returns, Trump and the Republicans had abandoned traditional electioneering in favor of F.U.D. [Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt], hoping for some grievance they can bring to the stacked Supreme Court. The Roberts Court may fear that if they rule for Trump during the election in any way, and Biden wins, he will reciprocate by adding new seats.

Florida is the key to a Biden win so big it can’t be tampered with. Absentee ballots can be counted before Election Day, so by midnight Eastern Time the winner may be obvious. Florida is close.

538 Florida polls.

The most pressing need for volunteers appears to be phone banking. The Wellstone Club has joined with Flip the West. From their email—

Join us on Wednesday afternoons. We are teaming up with Flip the West for a phone bank focused on flipping U.S. Senate seats in Iowa and Kansas, every Wednesday 3-5 (Pacific) from now until the November election. To register, click here or below.

You will get instructions by email after you register for a phone bank session.  If you have questions about how to get your computer set up for the calls – or about the Senate races, please call or text!  Ann Schwartz 510-387-4761.  

Training available Oct 3-4.  Would you like to phone bank, but not sure how to get set up? Flip the West is providing a weekend of training sessions, Oct 3-4.  There’s a one-hour “basic” session at 10AM on Saturday and 11AM on Sunday, plus much more.  For schedule and registration, click here or below.

We have a link for Florida texting, courtesy of Judy Stacey:

Calling all young people! We are hosting a GenZ friendbank this Thursday at 8pm EST to talk with our friends about their plan to vote!
RSVP Here: https://www.mobilize.us/fl2020victory/event/333504/not a young person? share it with a young person in your life!!

I don’t see why the young at heart are being excluded.

Also from Judy, a second texting group, helping young voters with vote by mail.

If you can’t read this, it isn’t for you. También tenemos un hipervínculo por ser voluntario a textear en español. Flórida es un objetivo.

Don’t miss Bruce’s links.

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