Minutes from July 19

Well, if you were at the meeting, you will understand that I am enabling the Waiting Room. The alternative is not exposing the link in a public forum, which will complicate our long-term growth strategy. I will have someone make sure you don’t get left in Purgatory.

We made decision on current fund-raising (Al Gross, Jon Ossoff now; House and State House races later). The ActBlue page has been updated and I reset the thermometer. Let’s send it high again.

I also reviewed why I think these races are good value for money and effort.

For the special campaign of Vote Forward for August 11, which is to get Floridians to vote in their August 11 primary, either email Naomi or go to http://www.votefwd.com.

Bruce said the last national Indivisible call had “a lot of meat”—Call notes. He also plans to sign up for the virtual workshop Training to Win 2020: How We Win During a Pandemic. Also, VirusFreeVoting.org rolls the Voterizer app on Saturday, July 25th at 5:00 (PT) on social media. Theme is a Trump Retirement Party.

We are going to try to coordinate our auction items with EBAA, which has an auction of its own.

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