Alaska polls

Public Policy Polling (PPP) is out with polling from Alaska.

You heard it here first, but these are the sleeper races. They have Biden trailing Trump by 3, 45–48. Al Gross is still almost unknown, but trails by only 5, 34–39. (An incumbent with 39 is in trouble.) And Alyse Galvin is up(!) 2, 43–41.

Kos says,

Alaskan voters don’t seem to realize there’s a Senate race this fall. Democrats need to change that ASAP, and Alaska is a dirt cheap state to advertise in. Not sure what the hold up is. 

Good point. Although Gross has been outraised so far, he’s being noticed. He’s done several joint fundraisers with better-known Lower 48 Democrats. My next check to him will suggest it’s time for him to get moving.

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