The moral dimension

Forgiveness of Never Trump conservatives should probably be slow, especially for ones like Charlie Sykes who had so much to do with getting us into this mess. (Sykes, a former right-wing radio host, almost single-handedly gave Wisconsin to Scott Walker.) That said, no group is doing as much to discuss the amorality of Trump and his Party, perhaps because the rest of us took it for granted.

Sykes, Bill Kristol, and other refugees from The Weekly Standard, which folded when its Sugar Daddy threw in with Trump, have founded The Bulwark (online only). Here is a sample of articles.

It’s a Set Up [Things have been poised to explode and the black community has been set up for the fall. Again.]

What did They Think Would Happen? The folly of Trump-following mainstream GOP.

Dear Reader, from Lois Lowry, author of the YA classic The Giver.

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