Minutes of the May 24 meeting

  • The Sister District research project on different ways of reaching voters is here. We had some discussion about the difference between what is most effective, versus what’s more or less comfortable.
  • Judy went through one recent phone session without a single valid response.
  • The Vote Forward letters appear to be one effective technique. We can help with printing and envelopes. Since the letters are not going out until October, this is a slow but steady operation. The box on our porch has postcards in packets of 25.
  • Bruce reported that the California Indivisible calls are informative, and the national calls less so. He’s been particularly impressed with the Movement Voter Project, which supports a number of organizations with different emphases, some technically non-partisan. We’ll be linking our ActBlue donation page to them.
  • EBAA’s three races in Michigan all overlap Haley Stevens’s CD. EBAA is also going in on a North Carolina Assembly race that became more difficult as a result of redistricting.
  • As my pick for Chart of the Fortnight, I chose the CDC on excess all-cause mortality. It’s the instant visual representation of the right-wing suggestion that we’ve just relabeled the flu.
From the CDC website
  • These two weeks we want to grow our membership. In the virus era, there is no reason to restrict ourselves to Elmwood and environs. I will make an announcement on my social media. Let me encourage you particularly to invite friends who are not in any group, who are most at risk for despondency.

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