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Work with IEB on 2020 Elections: Polls Close in 6 Months!  We’ve all heard that shelter-in-place is officially set to continue through May,and Indivisible East Bay’s remote activism will continue with it, as we all do our part to minimize the virus’ spread.One way you can help: join us for remote phone-banking, which is now officially live and active! Last Sunday, a small-but-mighty team gathered on Zoom and called 150 voters to turn out the mail-in vote for Tricia Zunker in Wisconsin’s upcoming special election and recruit volunteers for Mark Kelly in Arizona. One particularly fiery AZ voter told us she’s been sending a donation to Kelly every time she gets an email from the McSally campaign. Another said her yard was proudly sporting a Biden sign among a sea of signs for the bleach-proponent-in-chief. We even walked an enthusiastic long-time voter & first-time vote-by-mail-er through the absentee ballot request process. Sound like fun to you? We’ll be (virtually) here this Saturday and have phone banks planned for every Saturday in May
2020 Voter Outreach Events
Canvasses:Canvassing is on hold for now, but please fill out this form to be notified as soon as it’s back on.
Remote Phone & Text Banks:Phone Bank to Wisconsin and Arizona 5/2Phone Bank to Wisconsin and Arizona 5/9Phone Bank to Arizona 5/16Text Bank to Win in 2020 5/17Phone Bank to Arizona 5/23Phone Bank to Arizona 5/30Remote Text Bank to Win in 2020 5/30
Other Voter Outreach:We’re looking to expand our outreach to Spanish-speaking voters in Arizona and beyond. Please click here to add your name to our list of people available to phone bank in Spanish. 
Note: if your info is stored with EveryAction, clicking this link will automatically add you to the list. Want to write postcards from home?
Email and we’ll give you complete instructions, scripts and addresses from one of the groups we work with.

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