Tel numbers and script for calls to BOS

My prior post only included email addresses for the supervisors and I didn’t include a sample call script. Here are both

Call and Email script to reach out to Board of Supervisors:

My name is ___ , I’m calling urge you to deny the sheriff’s $85 million budget proposal on Tuesday. We’re in public health crisis, invest taxpayer dollars in healthcare and housing!

The coronavirus has reached Santa Rita Jail. Please immediately release people now. Any budget decision that prioritizes incarceration over healthcare puts all of us at risk.


Board of Supervisors Contact Information:

District 1: Scott Haggerty ; (510) 272-6691

District 2: Richard Valle (Board President, everyone contact) ; 510- 272-6692

District 3: Wilma Chan. ; 510-272-6693

District 4: Nate Miley. ; 510-272-6694

District 5: Keith Carson. ; 510-272-6695

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