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I’d like to spend time at our April 26 meeting talking about Sarah Kendzior‘s Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and the Erosion of America. She was supposed to be doing a reading at the Hillside Club on Northside this week, and we all know what happened to that…

Two news stories today illustrate to me why Dr. Kendzior appears prescient.

Paper stimulus checks are being delayed for several days while “President Donald J. Trump” is added to the memo line. Trump wanted to sign the checks, but is not one of the officials authorized to do so. Kendzior told us years ago that autocracies are structured such that All Good Things Flow from the Autocrat. Like checks.

We also have Ivanka sitting on the President’s committee on re-opening the country. (Jared the failson-in-law sits on a separate committee mucking up the supply chain.) Kendzior: The Autocrat Trusts Only his Family. In Trump’s case, that seems to include a few mob friends like Rudy Giuliani, so it’s a “family” in the mafia sense.

Links to buy the hardcover version from major retailers are here; same link for eBook and Audiobook versions in all imaginable formats; her local (St. Louis, MO) bookstore is shipping signed copies.

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