Upcoming big scandal

Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo put himself on the national map thirteen years ago for picking up a story print media assured him was a nothing-burger: W Bush’s purge of US Attorneys who were either prosecuting corrupt Republicans or who had declined who join the permanent Republican campaign into chimerical Democratic voter fraud. (For this, he became the first Internet journalist to win a George Polk Award.)

He looks to be onto another big one: diversion of medical equipment from both the national stockpile and orders placed by states and hospitals, to politically-connected middlemen, who are then selling them to these same desperate institutions at whatever price the market will bear. In some cases, equipment that was purchased by taxpayers is being resold to be bought by taxpayers a second time. Shipments are even being intercepted by Customs at entry and not seen again. Kickbacks in the form of political contributions to Trump and the GOP are inevitably part of the scheme.

Like the Biden pay-for-play, this crime has the advantage (to the liberals) of being remarkably easy to understand. I have no doubt Congress will be interested.

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