From Restore Oakland

 Restore Oakland 
 Dear Supporter,
Today the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will vote on the Sheriff’s proposal to allocate an additional $85 million toward staff at Santa Rita Jail. Rather than spend money to help our frontline public health workers, laid off co-workers, or unhoused neighbors, Alameda County is choosing to spend public dollars on incarceration. This is even more glaring given the safety concerns the coronavirus poses to those locked up inside. 

Hundreds of you have contacted the county supervisors and dozens of organizations and unions have called on the supervisors to do prioritize people over punishment. We need to keep the pressure on! Here are some links and instructions to virtually mobilize with us: Livestream today’s county meeting at 10:45am and make your voice heard by participating in public comment. You can join by zoom or by phone, find more teleconferencing instructions here. The sheriff’s $85 million budget proposal we’re commenting on is Item #8. You can find the full board agenda here.If you don’t have time to tune in, you can provide written comment by emailing the county clerk at Include your name, your commet and remember note agenda item #8 in your email. Feel free to email me if you need support navigating this process. 

Sample public comment: My name is ___ and I live in ______. Please vote NO on the proposed annual allocation of $85 million for 370 new positions at Santa Rita Jail. Spending taxpayer dollars on incarceration instead of healthcare in the middle of a global pandemic unconscionable.This proposal is completely unsubstantiated as it is not based on any known documentation, official analysis, report, or court order. Do the right thing! Take measures to further reduce the jail population and dedicate the proposed $85 million to meeting the immediate needs of our frontline public health workers and unhoused neighbors. Vote NO on Item 8. Our county residents and public health workers will thank you. Help us stop this critical waste of resources and encourage your friends and neighbors to do so too. Let’s send the message that they can’t sneak this by while we are stuck at home!

In Struggle,
Tash Nguyen & The Audit Ahern Coalition
Restore Oakland Program Coordinator

One thought on “From Restore Oakland

  1. NEWS FLASH: In response to significant mobilization. Supe Wilma Chan has pulled this item from today’s agenda to enable staff analysis. It is currently deferred to Ap 15. Nonetheless, we are encouraging people still to participate in Public Comment today to register strong community opposition. We will need to mobilize again before or on Ap 15 or whenever this appears on a regular BOS meeting agenda. Thanks for your support., Judith


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