Minutes, March 29 online meeting

  1. Discussion of the direction of the group in the absence of physical meetings. Many participants endorsed the social value of the meetings, and some mentioned getting information that they had not synthesized from their own reading. Of course, we also serve as a central point for distributing postcards and text/card projects.
    Action item: Everyone should have their own wine and, optionally, cheese, chips, or pretzels, since we can no longer serve communally.
  2. The undersigned gave an explanation of some of the more interesting data presentations of coronavirus data. For example, the chart below shows how early intervention in Kentucky did better than later intervention in Tennessee. (This does not extend at this time to deaths, which are not in the chart: KY 8, TN 7.) undefined
    This was accompanied by a refresher on semi-log charts, and why they are being used to graph cumulative cases and deaths. I recommend the charts at the Financial Times and a site called Worldometer. The differential slopes suggest that certain states that have been slow with social distancing, like Louisiana and Florida, are in trouble. Louisiana is even catching up to New York.
  3. There was enough interest that an extra meeting will be added for next Sunday at 5:00 pm (Zoom, obviously), where I will go back over this material with updated data. And this time, we will record it! A Zoom link and a review of exponents and logarithms will be posted later.
  4. Naomi discussed texting technologies, and we are distributing a document from EBAA on the programs themselves and which organizations use which. Almost everyone uses Slack for communication between volunteers.

One thought on “Minutes, March 29 online meeting

  1. Sorry, I missed the meeting. Time got away from me. One minute it was 3:00, then no more than a minute later it was 7.;I’m glad to hear there is another Zoom meeting next Sun. Staying connected is so important in these strange times,

    Sally Brook Sent from my iPad



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