Minutes, March 1 meeting

The meeting began early with text-bank training. We heard that targeted texting by Reclaim Our Vote (and organization to get disenfranchised African American voters back on the rolls) had an 85% success rate in Alabama and 60% in Georgia.

We practiced how to join the Red2Blue text program. (If you want to, and missed it, start here.) Instructions for how to join the Open Progress text program are a separate post. And Indivisible’s Payback Project also has a texting plan against ten targeted GOP Senators.

Bill Marthinsen distributed a Volunteer Commitment Form ideal for getting your less-involved neighbors to contribute. Ann Overton reported that the owner of Pasta Bene restaurant (Telegraph near Blake St.) wants to put Vote posters in all the Telegraph commercial windows. We discussed optimal design. Consensus seemed to be a QR code for voter registration.

The next target for our Donation Page is the Michigan House Democratic Fund. That’s a chamber close to flipping.

The current postcard campaign is for Judge Jill Karofsky for the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Names and script available from Tony the Democrat.

One thought on “Minutes, March 1 meeting

  1. We also noted the current Indivisible Payback Project which also is doing massive texting against 10 appalling senators. Here’s the webpage to sign up to participate. https://www.paybackproject.org. You have to fill out a form which includes info about our IE group. I just did that.


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