Reading List, Feb 20

The article everyone is tweeting about today is Adam Serwer in The Atlantic on Trump Unchained. About as enraging as you would expect. Today’s move of Trump lickspittle Richard Grenell from Ambassador to Germany to Acting Director of National Intelligence is another example.

The acquittal vote ratified the authoritarian instincts of the president and the ideological convictions of his attorney general.

Our son Gideon forwarded an announcement from former Rep. Katie Hill (CA-25), who resigned over complications from a broken ménage a trois. She is founding a PAC (isn’t everyone), HER Time Pac, “to ensure that great candidates who are getting overlooked have the resources they need to win.” More specifically, this seems to be support for women entering politics with a non-political résumé. Although Hill is from Southern California, the HER Time mailing address is 2120 University Avenue, here in Berkeley. I looked it up; it’s a WeWork building.

Meanwhile, the Special Election to replace Hill coincides with the California Primary, March 3. Christy Smith should come out on top.

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