Indivisible Book and Impeachment Daily

Indivisible Book. In Thursday’s Indivisible national webinar Ezra Levin made a pitch for pre-ordering the new book We Are Indivisible: a blueprint for democracy after Trump, co-written by Ezra and Leah Greenberg.  It will be out Nov. 5; if there are 5,000 pre-orders it will immediately appear on best-sellers lists and generate national attention and reviews. It’s $27; proceeds from its sale go to Indivisible’s new Save Democracy Fund, a project to support Indivisible’s pro-democracy reform work at state, federal, and presidential levels.

Impeachment Daily. If you aren’t already swamped with impeachment news, you can now watch the Impeachment Daily on YouTube. The first episode is here, presented by Meagen Hatcher-Mayes, Indivisible’s Director of Democracy. During the webinar, Meagan stressed the role Indivisibles played in bringing more Democrats around to support for the impeachment inquiry and the importance of continuing grass-roots pressure as the process moves forward. Prepare for a national Day of Action when the articles of impeachment are finalized.

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