Notes from the August 25 meeting (with action items)

  • Thanks to all who came to our meeting!
  • We are (as of this writing) $300 short of our commitment to the Virginia 2019 statehouse elections. You can contribute by clicking the thermometer above, which shows how close we are to our goal. We are supporting three candidates: one for State Senate and two for the House of Delegates (Assembly) seats overlapping that Senate seat. Cheryl Turpin flipped a Delegate seat in 2017, with our help. This time, she is trying to flip the State Senate seat, while Alex Askew is running for the seat Turpin is relinquishing. Nancy Guy is running for the other Delegate seat. If we win these three we will have one Democratic hold and two flips R to Dem. ACTION ITEM: Send around our ActBlue Link above to help us reach and surpass our Virginia goal.
  • Bill Marthinsen is helping with the postcard campaigns for Sister District, which include the our Virginia races. Noemi Levine is helping anyone who isn’t set up with Tony the Democrat and his postcard campaigns. Judy Stacey will listen in on the Indivisible California State Strong calls. ACTION ITEM: Anyone needing help or info about these projects can post a comment below.
  • We should be postcarding for the North Carolina special election, as well as Virginia. Note that the Virginia postcards need legal disclaimers. ACTION ITEM: At our next meeting we’ll be doing Virginia postcards. If you want some addresses before the meeting, ask in a comment below and we’ll send you some. OR write some for Tony’s campaign in North Carolina for upcoming special election.
  • Bill reported that the intern we sent to Virginia has returned to California to start college had a great time, and we should continue this program. ACTION ITEM: Anyone want to help build up the intern program?
  • Hold the date: weekend of November 16–17, Rep. Lauren Underwood (IL–14) is fundraising in the Bay Area. We are likely to host.
  • Get well soon to Ann Overton, who had a severe fall.
  • NEXT MEETING: Sunday Sept 8th, 4:30-5:45. We’ll learn about fighting gerrymandering and write some postcards as well as plan our November event with Lauren.

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