Action: National Priorities, resources & Updates

From Chloe Stryker, Indivisible Senior Regional Organizer, West Coast

  • We are rolling out a 2-year Democracy Plan, take a look! We will discuss more on the National Activist call. 
  • Debate Watch Parties/Recruitment
  • #ImpeachTrump Day on June 15th with MoveON and By the People
  • Dream and Promise Act Passed!
  • Defund Hate – Updated resource page here.
    • The ask for Indivisibles is to call your MoC and tell them to sign onto the CPC letter, which closes on Thurs. This letter is led by Reps. Jayapal, Pocan, Castro, and Chu calling on the House Appropriations to #DefundHate.
  • Prescription Drug Pricing – Pelosi will possibly put out a summary this week of the opposing bill, which Indivisible does not support (we support the Doggett Bill as it is more friendly for consumers).
    • Policy is working with Public Citizen to put out a press statement, and will be inviting partners from the prescription drug table to sign on (such as Ce3nter for popular Democracy, Housing works, etc.).
  • Raise the Wage – Would raise the minimum wage to $15/hour. There are 200+ co-sponsors, but Pelosi won’t bring it to the floor until there are 218 co-sponsors.

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