Sacramento Report; Action Items from Jiggy Athilingam


Yesterday (May 16) was do-or-die day in the legislature with the occurrence of the much anticipated #SuspenseFile hearing. The suspense is now over; the following bills will live to see another day (aka. will be headed for floor vote imminently):

  • AB 392 (Police use of force, non-fiscal and didn’t go to approps)
  • SB 29/ AB 4 (Health4All)
  • SB 200/ AB 217 (Clean drinking water)
  • AB 32 (Ban private prisons)
  • AB 1217 (Issue ad disclosure)
  • SB 47 (Ballot disclose act, this actually skipped suspense)
  • ACA 6 (Free the vote, though this likely won’t start moving until mid-June because it’s a constitutional amendment that’s exempt from deadlines)


Now that we know what is headed for a floor vote, it’s time to let our legislators know how we want them to vote! ALL of our legislators will be voting on all these bills (except ACA 6) in the next few weeks. To pack the biggest punch, we’re coordinating a call-in week next week to drive calls about a different bill every day.

I’m also excited to announce that we now have a patch through number to the legislature that will send you to your state legislators after entering your zip code. This will allow us to track how many calls we all make so please use it for calls! We have everything you need for call-in week in this TOOLKIT including call scripts, sample tweets, and graphics! CALL IN WEEK TOOLKIT!

LAST CALL FOR LOBBY DAY SIGN UP Indivisibles will be there live in Sacramento during one of the most exciting times of the legislative session for our Indivisi-Lobby Day on May 29th! This is the last call for sign-ups! Please RSVP by Monday, May 20th! RSVP for May 29th Lobby Day

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