Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

The current Wisconsin Supreme Court has 4 conservatives and 3 liberals. One of the Liberals is leaving for health reasons. There is an election on April 2 to replace her. If the Liberal Lisa Neubauer wins the balance will stay the same. In 2020 there will be another election during the presidential primary to replace one of the the Conservatives. So it is possible to have a liberal majority before 2021 when redistricting will be decided. Right now Wisconsin is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country with strong Republican majorities in the legislature despite Democratic victories for governor and AG on a state-wide level. The State supreme court elections are therefore the key to the future of Wisconsin politics.

According to my brother who is a long time progressive Wisconsin activist she needs the usual campaign things ie; post cards, texts, and money. Turnout is everything in this very divided state. Her opponent will have unlimited right wing money.

Here is a link to her campaign: https://judgeneubauer.com

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