Meeting Update for Feb 3

And, also, post #1 on our new site.

Notes from our meeting on Sunday (everyone we know who does not watch the Superbowl).

  1. We (ok, really Andy) launched our new communications system to move us away from Facebook. If you are reading this, you have an account and logged on. It is still a work in progress but will soon have email, a blog anyone can post on (that’s this blog, you can probably edit it now) and other bells and whistles so we can all communicate about what is happening and lots will be happening.
  2. Bill’s message from Sister District: Do not have a nervous breakdown about Virginia. We will shortly be getting to work on our campaigns there and it is crucial that the Dems take over the state house and senate. Bill and others will be posting about these action items on our new website.
  3. Bruce talked about Indivisible and their work to support H.R. 1 in the House. He will have some specific action times to post for us, including letters to the editor and a meeting with Lee’s staff. 
  4. Michael gave us a summary of the book Ratf*cked. Great to have a bit of education at every meeting and a good goad to get to work after he reported on how successful the Republican efforts to flip state houses was. It is our turn now.
  5. We wrote postcards to Florida (trying to get people to sign up for absentee ballots) and to Tennessee for a special election March 12th. I need someone to help me with requests from our group members for addresses and instructions since I can’t keep up with them. Anyone want to volunteer?

Next meeting: Feb 17th at our house 4:30–5:45.

Please let Andy know if you have any questions about the new website. We hope many of you will make posts as we get used to the system. As we gear up for more action, this will be very helpful.


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