Minutes for June 7 meeting

Welcome to new member Karen Cross!

Naomi recommended online resources on racism. Trevor Noah. White Fragility. 75 things White people can do for racial justice. Judy supports the Ella Baker Center.

I reviewed the polling situation for Senate races in AZ (very good), CO (very good), NC (close), and both races in GA (better than expected). The Georgia Democratic primary is tomorrow. Whichever candidates win, they are all underfunded for the General Election. Judy and I discussed how insipid Cal Cunningham’s campaign in NC is so far. The NC Senate race will be the most expensive in history. Right now, Cunningham is well behind in fundraising.

Bruce reported on Indivisible calls. We are surprised how much opposition is developing against police brutality. Indivisible recommends we pay attention to what local officials are doing, and Judy then added an announcement about an Oakland Police Commission Town Hall today. She will also be on the next Kamala Harris phone call to see what her staff is up to.

Bill gave an extensive presentation on EBAA’s candidates in Michigan, complete with maps (can you post the slides, Bill?). MI is another state (like NC, AZ) where it is both important and realistic to aim for Blue votes up and down the ballot.

I have been remiss in keeping the ActBlue page moving. I will switch it to the EBAA Michigan candidates. I will also put up a link for the Movement Voter Project. Their ActBlue page is under another name, which fooled me.

As for our own outreach work, remember—

Postcards are the Gateway Drug

One thought on “Minutes for June 7 meeting

  1. I also enthused about the explosion of fab protest murals reproducing faster than bunnies in my downtown Oakland hood. Please check them out and sign the petition “CITY OF OAKLAND: PRESERVE PROTEST ART” to save and support the tsunami of inspirational murals now reviving spirits in downtown Oakland. Here’s a link to a petition and fundraising:


    thanks, and do be sure to tour them soon if you haven’t already done so. Please share the petition.


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