Minutes from April 12

Main topic of discussion was the mass media, bothsidesism, and credulity. As an example I mentioned, as great content in The New York Times, the column by Jamelle Bouie on the GOP war on voting and the treasure trove of documents showing government scientists and other officials trying to get Trump to care about the coronavirus. But there has also been some terrible content that doesn’t seem to understand the Zeitgeist: for example, one that couldn’t differentiate between the Republicans and Democrats for the polarized, angry politics of Wisconsin.

Bruce is signing us up with national Indivisible for their campaign for safe elections in the COVID–19 era.

The only current post carding campaign is for Christy Smith in the Special Election Runoff for the seat Katie Hill resigned from.

Judy Stacey’s report on conditions in the Santa Rita jail are posts of their own.

At Ann Brick’s suggestion, this month our site’s Donate page features the Voter Participation Center.

By now, you probably now, our postcards put Jill Karofsky over the top. She is winning by a shocking margin, over six points ahead as I write; likely to be eight after Madison finishes reporting. I am guessing that besides the Indivisible Elmwood crew, credit goes to Ben Wikler, new chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin who has been working full-time on repairing their grassroots voter turnout project.

Speaking of grassroots, Lanny pointed out that with door-to-door canvassing likely to be problematic, even those of us who prefer walking to texting and calling will have to make an adjustment.

Book club meeting: At the meeting in two weeks, I will be discussing Sarah Kendzior’s new book, Hiding in Plain Sight. Kendzior, an expert on authoritarianism, is one of those like Tim Snyder and Masha Gessen who warned us what to expect from the Trump Crime Mob. Links to get the book will be posted later.

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