Agenda for our Working Meeting

Sunday June 6th 4:00-5:15 pm

We’ll get to work on our three goals:

  1. Helping protect our wins in Virginia and flipping the 59th District House seat.
  2. Pushing Senate Bill 1 and other forms of voter protection
  3. Flipping CA Congressional District 21 back to blue in 2022

4:00–4:15 Andy update on the Virginia races and request for Indivisible Elmwood to fund one Virginia intern

4:15–4:30 Zoom visit with Candidate Dr. Ben Moses

4:30–4:45 Update on how to support Senate Bill 1 and voter protection

4:45–5:00 Update on Ca Congressional District 21 Race

5:00–5:15 Reviews of actions to take until the next meeting

Roll up your sleeves and join us. Bring a friend.

One thought on “Agenda for our Working Meeting

  1. I am really sorry to be missing this meeting… grandaughter’s Bat Mitzvah!!! I will read the next post to update myself.

    Be well, Mary



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