Supporting democracy reform: the West Virginia connection

Indivisible’s national organization has been working hard to support on-the-ground efforts by progressive groups in West Virginia and has passed along the following recommendation as to how groups in other states can be of help:

“As we continue this fight for a bold democracy reform agenda, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is playing a pivotal role in the advancement of life-changing legislation. We know that many of you are eager to get involved in the work in West Virginia. We’re happy to say that your fellow activists in West Virginia are hard at work organizing calls to action to convince their Senator to support these democracy reform bills, just like you are! We are focused on providing the resources that West Virginians need to do this work and we are putting an emphasis on West Virginians talking to their friends and neighbors. This is why for now, we are asking out-of-state groups to respect the process in West Virginia by not organizing any phone banks or postcard programs into West Virginia. The good news is, there are even more powerful ways to help West Virginians on the path to bold, progressive legislation! Instead, consider donating to the efforts on the ground. We are following a similar approach to the one we took in the highly successful Georgia Senate Runoff.

Rather than spending time and money on postcards, consider donating to one of these amazing organizations on the ground in West Virginia: 

When you donate directly to the work on the ground, your dollar goes even further than it would on a stamp. It goes right to talented activists taking on the task of shifting the progressive landscape for good.” 

2 thoughts on “Supporting democracy reform: the West Virginia connection

    • Hi Mary,
      I posted this and don’t have a favorite, but both West Virginia Citizens Action Group and the West Virginia Working Families Party are endorsed by the Movement Voter Project, which works to identify the most promising on-the-ground groups.


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