🚨Replacement Sunday meeting🚨

Initial ballot counts for the CA–25 special election (Christy Smith vs Mike Garcia, a Hispanic Republican veteran) are not favorable. The ballots received so far have many more R than D voters. The voting deadline is postmarked Tuesday. (There are also a small number of in-person polling places and drop boxes, but no one seems to expect significant voting in person. All voters were mailed an absentee ballot.)

In lieu of our regular meeting, Naomi and I have signed up to do GOTV phone banking. We do not want to take the morale hit that would come from letting Team MAGA-Drink-Bleach flip this district.

Swing Left virtual phone bank link.

You should sign up, if you can join us, 24 hours in advance. The event runs 2:30 to 5:00, and if people are interested,, at 5:00 we can have our own brief meeting to discuss it.

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