Do you live in California & believe in justice? Please join us in calling on Governor Newsom to remove Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern from the California Lottery Commission!

Background: The California Lottery is supposed to embrace the values of integrity, fairness, security, and transparency, but we know Sheriff Ahern has done nothing to uphold or honor those values in his position of power in the Bay Area. His Sheriff’s department has perpetrated a shocking array of human rights abuses, including overseeing 33+ in-custody deaths, punishing people in need of medical care, and forcing a woman to give birth alone in solitary confinement. Plus, in 12 years as Alameda County Sheriff, Ahern has overseen massive growth in his jail budget even as the jail population declined by 45% thanks to community-led reforms. That is why community groups in Alameda County are campaigning for a financial and performance audit of Ahern’s department.

Governor Newsom has the authority to remove Ahern from the Lottery Commission and reduce the reach of his influence. Here are the action steps:

  1. Please take 20 seconds today and sign the petition at to the governor to remove Ahern from this statewide position.
  2. Forward this email request to everyone you know in California!
  3. Post the petition link ( on social media! Include #AhernsNumbers in your post, and you can also include the attached graphics & tag @CAgovernor @GavinNewsom (if Twitter) 

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