State level activism

From California Indivisible’s 3/6/19 statewide call, two actions came across as immediate priorities:

1. Supporting Assembly Bill AB 392 (the California Act to Save Lives), which would change police use of force policies so that officers would have to de-escalate however possible before resorting to lethal force. There’s a call script at

2. Opposing Senate Bill SB 230, the police counter bill that would require agencies to make their use of force policy accessible to the public but would set use of force to be okay when officer “reasonably believes” there is a threat.  No call script, but it’s important that Senator Skinner understand our opposition.

Contact Assemblymember Buffy Wicks at (916) 319-2015  or (510) 286-1400

Contact Senator Nancy Skinner at (916) 651-4009 or (510) 286-1333

A full list of  CA Indivisible’s 10 legislative priorities covering healthcare, immigration, prison reform, voting and the environment is at:

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